Choosing Faith Over Fear


Choosing Faith Over Fear with God’s Inspiration Cafe 

Scott Wajda’s Journey to Overcoming Fear with Faith and Living a Life Filled with Gratitude, Courage, Acceptance, Peace, and Joy 


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God’s Inspiration Cafe was founded by Scott Wajda, who is the 

Trustee of Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare’s Client Advisory Council.  

Through this platform, he is able to share his story with those who might benefit from his experiences.  

Scott is an example of choosing Faith over Fear.  

In the “Tell Your Story" Group he attended in the Fall of 2015;

Scott shared that he remembered being depressed all the time.

According to him, his environment played a significant role in his depression – not to mention the Trauma he Experienced as a Child.  

While he seemed to be happy as a kid, Scott really depended on his parents, who were struggling with alcoholism.  

But what helped his life get better was joining an ACOA Group, a national association for Children of Alcoholics that helps adult men and women who had a parent with alcoholism and grew up in a dysfunctional home.  

However, Scott moved to Illinois and Joined ACOA there.  

He felt alone and afraid and was paralyzed with fear to the point that he would not do anything.  


He could not help himself.

He knew there were some steps he could have taken to alleviate his fears, but it was hard doing it all on his own. 


During the 6 1/2 years he lived in a nursing facility,  

Scott started going back to church and through Prayer and Participation in the Church He accepted Christ’s forgiveness for his past and became ready to allow Jesus to open his heart to love – and to be able to love others – Including Himself.  

During this time, he was pardoned from the nursing home and started to attend Trilogy, immersing himself in groups. 


In February 2013, he moved out of the nursing home and is now living in his own apartment.  

Trilogy has provided major support for Scott during these times.

When he first moved out of the nursing facility, he attended Trilogy five days a week.

He even reconnected with several people who previously resided at Albany Care and formed stronger bonds with them.

Now, he is much more at peace with himself and the world around him.

He loves and accepts people for who they are, including their situations in life. 

While he knows he has made progress, Scott believes there is so much more to learn.  

To him, Unconditional Love and Acceptance are possible both community wide and on a personal level. Progress, no matter how little, is attainable. And with God’s Inspiration Cafe, he wants to share his story not just to inspire others but also to remind himself of where he has been and how far he has come.  

To this date, Scott has been regularly active in his church community and is enjoying life so much more now than he did before.  


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Yours in Christ


Scott Wajda   




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