Why Have I Decided to Follow Jesus?

Even though Social Accessibility has been Accepted by the Public,

Which was Mandated - By a Higher Power - less than GOD.


This Social Morality like All trends throughout History was Created by man to Influence, .

if not to control another's way of thinking and feeling.

as a means to inherit a belief system, 

                                                                     which will perpetuate itself for all time. 


The Gospels unlike History have Provided an End

to the Means of Our Existence here on Earth.


Finding Healing through Sheer Boredom

in the Midst of my Lowest State of Depression

I began to want to do something to alleviate Stagnation and Rot.


I found St Mary Catholic Parish as a way to Escape the confined space of the Nursing Facility in which I Secluded Myself.

After one year of sporadic attendance I began to want to engage with others outside the nursing facility


                                                 - Act of My Own Decision - 

in which i was graced with a Stimulus Beyond My Control

- But of which I wanted More.

finding participation  at St Mary's as a means of social accessibility in which I found renewed stamina.

Lead by the Spirit to a place of Comfort and Healing

- Without Resistance 

- Without Remorse

- Without Regret

Only Aware of My Decision to Decide.


As Long as I am Willing to Trust the Morality of the Life that Jesus Preaches through the Gospels.

I shall Not Want to Reset My Moral Compass


- Scott Wajda





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