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If as a child you were raised in a family with dysfunctional behaviors such as Alcoholism,
Drug abuse, Sex abuse, Over eating, etc... OR our mother was a codependent you learn how to relate to the world based on actions taken by adults in your life?.
You Will Relate to the World in a Dysfunctional Way?
Based on "Norms" modeled to you as a child and into Adulthood?
Until you learn Why You Do What You Do and take appropriate steps to Reparent yourself. You are doomed to repeat these behaviors until death?.
If you came from a totally healthy family your job, the economy, the weather, politics the man down the street or gossip at the diner?
ALL will affect how you relate to the world because you cannot make decisions in this world without taking into consideration the world around you and how that affects others and Yourself!!!!



- Scott Wajda

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I Totally Agree

Scott Wajda

Being responsible for our choices yields powerful results in our lives.

Tom Horne

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