Images That Express Mixed Feelings

I attended a Healing Through Poetry Group facilitated through the Behavioral Health Service in which I am a Client.

This Group happened before the Pandemic about 2018 I think?

The Days Poetry Assignment was to write about something that evokes strong emotion.

We needed to describe the circumstances then Express what we wanted to say about it.

I was about seven years old when this happened.

 I recently found this Poem while Cleaning



                - The Journey -

I felt your Struggle that Morning
as I lay defenseless on the cold floor 
grasping the toys I failed to secure
in their proper place
i sensed your presence after watching you left the room
when the leather made contact my esteemed backside 
with for decisively Antagonized responses 
to a befuddled life
Traveling without light 
In contact with the Earth
Unable to sense a destination
Until surrender I Accepted....................................Praying Your Name
- Scott Wajda


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