I Accepted Christ’s Forgiveness

The Following came out of a group titled  
"Tell Your Story "That I attended in the  Fall of 2015 


I seem to remember that I was always depressed.  
I think my environment played a Big role in my depression.  

Trauma also played a role.  
I seemed to be happy as a kid, but I depended on my parents.  
When I joined ACOA my life got better.  

Then I moved to Illinois and Joined ACOA here.  
I felt alone and afraid. I was Paralyzed with fear and would not do anything.  
I could not help myself; I think I knew there were some steps I could have taken to alleviate my fears, but it was hard. 
During the 6 1/2 years I lived in a Nursing Facility,  

I started going back to church and through Prayer and Participation in the church, I accepted Christ’s Forgiveness for my past and became ready to allow Jesus to open my heart to love and to be able to love others, Including Myself. 
During this time, I was pardoned from the nursing home and started to attend Trilogy, immersing myself in groups. 
I moved out of the nursing home in February 2013 and now have my own apartment. I am very active in my church community and I enjoy life so much more now than I did before.  

Trilogy has been a MAJOR Support of mine.  

When I first moved out of the Nursing Facility,  
I attended Trilogy five days a week, I reconnected with several people who previously resided at Albany Care and have formed stronger bonds with them.  
l am much more at peace with myself and the world around me.  
I LOVE and ACCEPT people for who they are and their situations in life.  
I believe I’ve made progress but there is more to learn. 
Unconditional Love and Acceptance are possible Both community wide and on a Personal Level.  
Progress, no matter how little, is Attainable.  
I want to share my story with you, not just to inspire others, but also to let Myself know where I am and where I have been. 
Scott P. Wajda 

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