How I Choose to be a Person


My Name is Scott Wajda and I am a Straight, White, Christian Male   

I Choose to Participate in Life Today  

By Accepting My Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. 

While Accepting the Realization that I Require Medication to Treat My Mental Illness. 

This Particular Christian Believes in Acceptance of All People Regardless of Who They are or Where They are in Life. 


This is a Poem that I wrote in a Poetry Group while attending the Behavioral Health Agency where I Receive My Services. 

The Topic for Today’s Group was How to Be a Person?  


I Have Survived. 

I know who loves me,  

                                                       I Have Accepted that LOVE, 

I choose to continue to follow that path that will bring me  

‚Äď Scott Wajda ‚Äď

to a closer relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. 


I will Not Falter or Feel Shame for my Belief or the Expression of my Belief in any or All Situations in which I find myself a Participant


I Love Myself 

I choose to Accept Gods Love Every day. 




I choose to Participate in what I know and what has worked for me. 

I will not be Intimidated, Bullied or Extorted into believing what others believe  


or are Intimidated by my beliefs

or lack of their belief

or Their Need to Justify Their Behavior. 


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Remember My Attitude Determines: 

My Anger,

My Disappointment

My Despair  


Yours in Christ


- Scott Wajda

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