Accepting Myself

I try to Accept myself as I am.
I am much better at this Now than I used to be - getting better every day.
At least that' s my Opinion.

I don't force myself to do things,

I know what I want - NOT NEED - to do,

I leave it to God's timing,
I give myself space to grow in God's LOVE and Grace,

Though I know NOT My Destination,
                                                                      I am Aware of How to Get there.

I Continue to do what I Know is God's will for me:

 - Attend Mass
 - Attend Prayer Groups
 - Serve my Parish

-- Preaching the Gospel By Example.


Maintaining  Zero Expectations  as not to feel a Failure if my Expectations controlled my Life.
                                                                      Which they did in my History.

As I write this I know that I feel Inadequate in my Prayer life and this comes out in prayer groups,

I am also not a big Scripture Reader and I Want to Want to Improve this.

Knowing that If I were to Expect this from myself I would turn farther away from God.

If there's one thing, I might say to you Martha. It would be that
Humans are HUMAN, Though God is Patient.

My Attitude Determines:
My Anger
My Disappointment
My Despair.



  --  Scott Wajda

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